Sneak Peek: The Walking Dead- Still


Here is a new clip of this Sunday’s episode! Is Daryl loosing his touch? Also there is no way she started that fire that fast with just light.


The Walking Dead-Clamied

This was yet again a great episode. They focused only on a few characters and was able to balance the drama and horror. Maybe the writers have gotten the hang of it. I hope so. This episode focused on Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, and the new people Glenn found.


Glenn wakes up and tries to leave the new group to find Maggie. He finds out that mullet man is really a doctor and they are all heading to D.C., so Dr. Mullet can tell everyone how the zombie virus all began. I am surprised they remembered about this mystery. I am not holding my breath to hear about it anymore this season. When they give away the mystery about how it all started and why , it is going to take away from the show. They have to drag it out. We get little bits of info spread out between seasons. It is one of the reasons why I hate plots like this. You are never going to find out the big secret. Ever.

Dr. Mullet ends up shooting the army vehicle and they decide to follow Glenn. Good one mullet man!


Rick stays at the house while Carl and Michonne go look for food. The scene where Rick wakes up to visitors was by far the best scene in this whole show. I was on pins and needles just waiting for one of the visitors to find him. It was the best use of suspense. Whoever wrote this scene definitely  deserves a cookie for writing that.

While Rick is at home, Michonne and Carl go to find food. Michonne reveals that she had a son and Carl craps a brick. They are overusing Michonne’s mysterious past. I have a feeling that the next time she is going to be in an episode, it is going to be brought up again.

Overall, this was another great episode. They are doing a great job this season and I am excited to see what happens next!

The Walking Dead- Inmates

They are doing a great job with this season so far. I know some people that have thought that this season has been the worst, but for me it has been the best. It has the perfect balance of drama and horror. If you haven’t seen this episode, I have to warn you that there are going to be major spoilers in this review.

This first part of the episode is dedicated to Daryl and Beth. I can tell that Daryl is getting annoyed with Beth, but he takes pity on her and just grins and bears it. I honestly could not deal with her. I would have slapped her in the face and kept walking. This is why I am a hermit. It is for the best.

I really like how this episode goes back a little bit to show where the rest of the group ended up. It is like putting together a puzzle and everything fits in place. Tyreese has the kids Lizzie, Mika, and Judith. C’mon guys, did you really think they were going to have Judith die? That part didn’t surprise me at all. Having said that, what did surprise me was when Lizzie tried to smother Judith. I knew she was crazy, but dang! The very end of their part of the episode was really exciting, I didn’t know if the kids were going to make it and I was really happy to see Carol was back. She is my favorite other than Michonne.

Maggie is with Sasha and Bob. I didn’t really care about this part of the episode. After they showed that Carol was back I was kinda done for the night. Maggie decides to go look for Glenn and finds the bus that he supposedly left on. One by one she kills the zombies and finds that there is still hope for Glenn. Glenn is still at the prison and he finds Tara. Tara gets on my nerves. I wish she would just go away. I am counting down the days until she gets bitten. That will be a happy day for me.

In the end Glenn finds a group who look like they just came from my town. This part saddens me and makes me want to move. I am really excited to see what the new characters bring to the table. Hopefully they can keep the balance that they have been doing so well with so far.

Helix- Survivor Zero


It is day seven at the quarantine and the big bad corporation comes in to ruin the party. I really love Sutton (awesome last name by the way). I just hope she doesn’t become the stereotypical bad guy of the show where all her moves are predictable. We learn that she is like Hataki and has the weird silver eyes. I am guessing that they are some sort of bad experiment gone wrong and now they have a secret community in the world. It is going to be interesting to see how the show explains it. The romance between Sutton and Balleseros was predictable. It is so obvious they want a love triangle even though we already have one with Julia, Alan, and Sarah.


Julia wakes up having silver eyes. She ends up not being able to see and Hitaki ends up taking her back up to the lab. I don’t see why they have to create this bond between Hitaki and Julia. It is a mystery that I could care less about. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Julia. I am not sure why. I know now that she is back up at the lab, her and Alan are going to fall back in love and it is going to be this huge stupid triangle. I hate that.

Balleseros comes back with Anana to the base and she confronts Daniel. I am really interested to see why Hitaki took all those kids and what happened to them. I hope this doesn’t fall into the sidelines while the stupid love subplots are covered. I have a feeling that is what is going to happen. It always does.

So far it is still keeping the pace. This episode was a tad bit slower than the last one, but not by much. I am excited to see what kind of trouble Sutton creates for everyone. She is so badass.

Helix- Aniqaitiga

Things start to loose their excitement as the plot gets more sinister with how the virus was created. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I figured this was going to happen, but I was hoping it was going to be a little bit later in the season.



Balleseros gets dragged off and finds himself in a house being held hostage. I honestly don’t know how he survived being outside without half of his clothes for that long. If anything he should be missing a toe. The sexual tension between him and Anana is sickening.

He soon finds out that children around the base have gone missing and Daniel has a twin brother and his sister is the one holding him hostage. This was really the only interesting part in the whole episode. It is going to keep me watching to see how things  unravel.


Julia is fighting with her hallucinations and Hiroshi gives her a sedative to make her sleep. She dreams about being back in Montana with her past child self and has dinner with her crew. This part made no sense to me and I could care less about her character development. The show makes it seem like she is special in some way and I hate it when writers do that. It is such an obvious cop out to make things interesting.



Alan finds a way to slow down the virus by keeping the host super cold. After they put Peter in some super cold liquid, Alan and Sarah have sex. Because that is just so sexy isn’t it? I  was wondering when they were going to add sex to the equation. They can’t have a show now that doesn’t have that in it. It is so annoying.

Now we are left with more characters being introduced, more questions needing to be answered, and more drama being added to the equation. This is going to be a hot mess soon.


Helix- The White Room

They are keeping up the pace with this episode. There is still some excitement left in the whole mystery of what the virus is. The group finally learns that everything is not what it seems as they cope with the death of Doreen. I was sad to see her go because she was my favorite of the group.


Sarah tries to keep her secret patient still hidden while trying to deal with the side effects of her tumor. One thing  that I have a problem with is that Alan mentioned that Doreen couldn’t have had a heart attack due to the fact that she was checked out in good health before leaving. If Doreen had a check up then Sarah would have had one. It makes sense seeing as how they are dealing with viruses. Wouldn’t they have found out about her tumor and made her stay back? Why would they have let her go to an outbreak while having a tumor? That doesn’t really make sense to me. I think they were just needing an out to have her keep extra secrets to add drama. Sarah helps her secret patient kill herself with a fatal dose of something. In the end Alan finds out that she has been taking morphine, but he thinks it is just from bad migraines. Is he really that stupid? I guess so.


Alan does an autopsy on Doreen and finds out that she has been murdered. His suspicions lie with Hiroshi and Daniel leads him towards the right suspect which is  Major Balleseros. Meanwhile, Balleseros is trying to find a certain Doctor located in “the white room”. It ends up being an inside joke with all the doctors and the room is actual the snow all around them. Alan and Daniel confront Belleseros outside when he finds the doctor’s head in a capsule. Alan gets knocked down and goes back inside and Daniel ends up stabbing Belleseros and takes the head back with him. I hope we find out who the head belongs to and why it is so important. I have a feeling it is going to be one of those details that gets lost. The thing that got on my nerves about this whole subplot is the fact that Belleseros was such a bad liar. It makes the other characters seem so stupid for believing what he was saying. He was constantly smirking when something went wrong. How can you not put two and two together?


Hiroshi stabs himself and goes to find Julia. I have no clue why he did this. His interest with Julia is still a mystery and it is really irritating. She isn’t that fascinating. They both try and get through to safety and Julia finds out that she has been hallucinating the woman Jaye who had been with her the whole time. This seemed silly to me that Julia had no clue that she was hallucinating. She already knew that she was hallucinating some because she found her initials on the wall. All of the characters are doctors. They save people everyday. They have to be smart and yet the writers are having them make the stupidest mistakes. It is almost like they don’t want them to be too smart or else the viewers won’t be able to relate.

I am still staying positive with this show. The drama is slowly starting to seep in more and more, but they are able to balance it out to where I am staying interested with what is happening. I honestly am counting down to when they drop the ball and start to drag everything out.

Helix- My Thoughts So Far


My mom kept bugging me to watch this show and I finally got around to watching it. It is pretty good so far. I just hope they can keep up the momentum throughout the season. 

The fact that it is about a virus spreading at a base and the group of CDC scientists are trapped there poses a problem with material running out. They can delay crucial information and draw out the suspense for so long. I have heard that one problem is they keep introducing too many characters. I haven’t really seen that so far, I don’t know how that would work seeing as how they are trapped at a remote base. 

The characters are really likable. There isn’t any shaky cam and the drama is at a minimum. One thing that I don’t like is the fact that everyone is so secretive. One example is Walker keeping the attack in the shower a secret until it was too late. If she was a credible doctor I would like to think she would have nipped it in the bud. 

I am on the fifth episode right now. I am going to start doing reviews of each episode. Like I said before, so far it is pretty decent. I have a feeling that it isn’t going to stay that way though. There are way too many secrets going on for there not to be a drama bomb going off soon.